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RIP Fleas Extra Household Flea Spray


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Size: 600ml

R.I.P Fleas Extra is a long-lasting environmental household flea spray with a pleasant floral fragrance, and one can is sufficient to cover 120 m2 (the equivalent of an average 3 - 4 bedroom house).


  • Tetramethrin provides instant
  • knock-down (paralysis) of adult fleas, preventing them from biting your pet or yourself.
  • Permethrin is a fast-acting, long-lasting insecticide. It kills adult fleas and flea larvae within minutes to hours of exposure (depending on the dose received) and has a duration of action of up to 12 months.

S-methoprene is a long-lasting insect growth regulator which prevents flea eggs and larvae from developing into adults and also has a duration of action of up to 12 months. R.I.P Fleas Extra is also fully approved for the control of house dust mites, a common cause of allergic reactions in pets and people. Using R.I.P Fleas Extra and regular cleaning and vacuuming are reliable ways to reduce the number of dust mites living in your home.


RIP Fleas Extra Household Spray



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